How do i find a good electrician?...
 Before we start here, you have to keep in mind, that you are the customer and as long as you are paying for a service to be performed and the work is up to code, you can have anything you want. You are the boss.
 Another way to protect yourself is never pay the full amount of the work to be done up front. If the electrician demands money before he starts do not give more than ten percent. Always hold some back until the job is complete.
 It will be hard to get large contractors to do the smaller jobs at a reasonable price. There are many excellent electricians in classified ads, or yellow pages. Also word of mouth is a good way. Check with people and friends who have had electrical work done. Do your homework, the first thing you do is make they have a license. Then be sure they are insured. If you could get one that is Bonded would definitley be a plus. And always make sure you make them get a permit so their work can be checked by the local wire inspector. This is your responsibility to check out these things, if you want electrical work done safely, and properly. Electricity is not something to fool with, be safe.

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