How hard is it to become an electrician?...
 I can promise you one thing you will never be bored with this trade. But getting your license is not easy. I know in my state you need to serve 8,000 hrs as an apprentice and have three years of school. The best way to get started is to try to get into a union apprenticeship program. You also might want to check with local electrical contractors in your area. Some industry and electronic plants have training programs. Keep checking the want adds, sometimes just getting in on maintenance is a start. If you are in grade school or high school, you might want to take classes that teach the basics of electricity. Once you get that piece of paper there is no limit to what you can achieve both financially and rewardingly. It all depends on how much ambition you have. If you want to get a jump on learning the trade, the best books I have found were at the library. There is a book called the American Elecricians Handbook that is put out by Terrell Croft,With Wilford Summers / Hardcover / McGraw-Hill Companies. Just about everything you need know is in this book. Also the National Electrical Code Book is a book you will have to learn to get your license. Both these books can be purchased online or at most electrical supply stores.
 The union apprenticeship program is probably the best in the world, and I would recommend it highly to anyone seeking to become an electrician, but I also have some electrician friends who are not in the union, but are very good at their trade. The quality of an electrician depends upon the experience and training he or she has and how much pride he or she takes on knowing that he or she has done a safe, workmanlike and quality electrical installation. No matter what the situation an electrician must put the safety of himself, and of the people and property around him or her first.
Residential Wiring
 Residential wiring is probably the least challenging wiring in the electrical trade. All though with smart homes and more computers being added it has become more involved.
Industrial and Commercial Wiring
 This is the most physically challenging part of the electrical trade. Lot of heavy lifting, pulling wire and ladder climbing.
Industrial TroubleShooting
 This could be the most challenging. Computer run equipment can pinpoint "some" of the problems, but these problems still have to be physically corrected. With the pressure of thousands of dollars being lost with equipment down time, it takes a special electrician to handle industrial electrical troubleshooting.

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